Wetland’s Role in Decarbonization and Sustainability

Wetland Mitigation Project- Oklahoma City Sustainability improvements of a wetland and riparian area Weaver Consultants […]

Award-Winning Brownfield Redevelopment – Aiding Communities in Sustainability Planning and Coordination

Golden Urban Renewal Authority – Golden, CO Public- Private Partnerships, Planning, and Funding Integral to […]

Implementing Innovative Systems – Aiding in Site Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability

Sligo Systems Controls and Pumping Systems – Nationwide Remote Data Capture and Visualization for Compliance […]

Implementing Improved Water Reuse to Strengthen Environmental Sustainability

Colorado Department of Transportation – Colorado Testing and implementing a practical sustainability solution to improve […]

Finding Value and Climate Benefit in Organic Waste Solutions

County Operated Facilities – Composting Sites in Colorado Organics, Sustainability, Carbon, Composting Weaver Consultants Group […]

Landfill Sustainability: Key to Decarbonization

Various Projects – Landfills in Midwest Landfill, Sustainability, Carbon, Solid Waste Weaver Consultants Group (WCG) […]

Carbon Footprint Scorecard

Confidential Client – Midwest Landfill Carbon Footprint, Sustainability, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Weaver Consultants Group (WCG) […]

Emergency Response Actions at Arctic North Warning System Radar Station

Confidential Client – Arctic Emergency Response Action, Wastewater Treatment System Design, Construction, Installation, Testing, Optimization […]

In-Situ Chemical Oxidation & Soil Vapor Extraction Remediation Program

Former Walter Piano – Elkhart, IN In-Situ Chemical Oxidation Remediation Program implemented concurrently with Soil […]

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Pilot Program for Improved Water Reuse at Colorado Department of Transportation Facilities

Colorado Department of Transportation – Colorado Weaver Consultants Group (WCG) provides comprehensive support to over […]

Civil Engineering, Landscape Design, and Permitting Services for Lombard Cold Storage Facility

Client: United Insulated Structures Corporation | Location: Lombard, Illinois Weaver Consultants Group (WCG) provided civil engineering […]

Environmental Land Surveying Services in Conjunction with Reclamation of Wild Mile Chicago

3-Dimensional Modeling, Aerial Photography, Historical Image Overlays, and Site Land Surveying Services Client: National Solid […]

Geotechnical Exploration to Support Community Ice Rink Development

Geotechnical Exploration, Foundation/Support Recommendations, Periodic Observation of Soil Conditions and Fill Placement During Construction Client: […]

Public-Private Partnerships and Funding Integral to Address Former Dry Cleaner Solvent Contamination

Golden Urban Renewal Authority – Golden, CO Public-Private Partnerships and Funding Integral to Address Former […]

Multiple Remedial Strategies Successful at Legacy Contamination Cleanup of Complex Geologic Environment

Former Beechcraft Corporation – Boulder, CO  Groundwater Extraction and Treatment System implemented Concurrently with In-Situ Chemical […]

In-situ Chemical Oxidation Remediation Program

Former Beechcraft Corporation – Herington, KS In-situ Chemical Oxidation Remediation Program implemented concurrently with Soil […]

Design and Operation of Automated Low-Volume Chemical Oxidant and Buffering Remediation Systems

Active Chemical Production Plant – Smyrna, GA Design and Operation of Automated Low-Volume Chemical Oxidant and […]

Combined Multi-Phase High Volume Extraction and Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination Program

Former Industrial Manufacturer – Wayne Township, NJ Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination Program implemented concurrently with Multi-Phase […]

Cleanup of Legacy Soil and Groundwater Contamination

Automotive Parts Manufacturer – Nebraska Cleanup of Legacy Soil and Groundwater Contamination at Former Automotive […]

Cleanup of High-Profile Legacy Contamination at CDOT Headquarters to Facilitate Redevelopment

CDOT, Kentro Group, and ARCADIS – Denver, CO Cleanup of High-Profile Legacy Contamination Set to […]

Automated Low-Volume Chemical Oxidant System Operational at the Former Lowry Air Force Base

Lowry Assumption, LLC, United States Air Force – Denver, CO Weaver’s Automated Low-Volume Chemical Oxidant […]

odor control

Odor Control Plan to Meet State EPA Approval

Odor Control Plan Requirements, Reporting, and Record Keeping Client: Confidential Client | Location: Texas  This project […]

Hydrogeologic Investigation

Landfill Expansion Requiring Siting Restriction Studies, Hydrogeologic Investigation, and Landfill Design

Wetland Delineation, Cultural Investigation, Wildlife Evaluation, and Hydrogeologic Investigation Client: City of Columbia | Location: […]


Regulatory Closure and Associated Permitting Related to the Closure of a CCDD Facility

Clean Construction and Demolition Debris (CCDD) Site Permitting, Regulatory Compliance, and Closure Client: Tracy, Johnson […]


Wetland Mitigation to Support Landfill Expansion

Wetland and Stream Mitigation Design, Permitting, and Implementation Client: Confidential Client | Location: Midwest Region […]


Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) for a 15-Acre Single Composite Cell and 22-Acre Double Composite Cell

CQA for Soils Testing, Geosynthetics Testing, Review of MQC/MQA Testing, and Field Documentation of Geomembrane […]


Vertical Expansion at a Sanitary Landfill

Design, Permitting, and Construction Oversight of Synthetic Turf Final Cover Client: Confidential Client | Location: […]

Air Permit

Air Permit for an Oil and Gas Waste Processing Facility

National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) Compliance  Client: Southcross Energy | Location: Bee County, Texas  Weaver […]

disposal facility

Permitting for Oil and Gas Waste Treatment and Disposal Facility

New Source Review (NSR) Permitting Client: Confidential Client | Location: Texas  Weaver Consultants Group’s (WCG) […]

lfgte facility

Air Permitting for Landfill Gas-To-Energy (LFGTE) Facilities

State Specific Permitting Requirements  Client: Confidential Client | Location: Texas, Oklahoma, Lousiana, and Kansas  Weaver […]


Geotechnical Evaluation for Large Distribution Center

Geotechnical Services Client: Scannell Properties | Location: Markham, Illinois   WCG provided a detailed geotechnical evaluation […]


Geotechnical Evaluation for a New Medical Office Building

Geotechnical Evaluation, Civil Engineering, and Environmental Evaluation Client: GSP Development | Location: Westmont, Illinois   […]


Redevelopment of Existing Grocery Store Site

Asbestos Containing Material and Hazardous Material Survey, Geotechnical Evaluation, Civil Engineering, and Landscape Design Client: […]


Repurposing of Historical Hospital into a Supportive Care Facility

ALTA Survey, Civil Engineering, and Landscape Design Client: Gleason Architects | Location: Maywood, Illinois   […]

two engineers

Asbestos Inspection Throughout an Occupied Hospital

Visual Inspection, Material Collection, and Historical Documentation Review Client: The University of Chicago Medicine | […]

worker near pipes

Electrical Upgrade Project Oversight at Historic University Building

Asbestos Inspection, Project Design/Oversight, and Air Monitoring Services  Client: University of Illinois | Location: Urbana, Illinois […]


Asbestos Abatement Project Oversight and Facility Air Monitoring

Emergency Asbestos Survey, Design, and Project Management Client: Association House of Chicago | Location: Chicago, Illinois […]


Expanding Development Options on a Prime Real Estate Parcel

Wetland Delineation, Permitting, and Mitigation Design Client: Confidential | Location: Aurora, Illinois As part of […]

Wetland Delineations and Permitting of a Yard-Waste Composting Expansion Site

Wetland Delineations, Threatened & Endangered Species Survey, and Permitting Client: Confidential Yard-Waste Composting Operation | […]


Due Diligence Evaluation for the Acquisition of the Philadelphia Energy Solutions Refinery Property

Phase I ESA, Preliminary Remediation Cost Estimate, Regulatory Permitting and Compliance Support  Client: Hilco Redevelopment […]

industrial property development support

Industrial Property Development Support

Phase I ESA, UST Removals, and Site Remediation Program Client: Panattoni | Location: Chicago, Illinois […]


Environmental Services to Support Dock Facility Expansion Along the Illinois River

Wetland Delineation, Threatened and Endangered Species and Habitat Assessment Client: Confidential Client | Location: Hennepin, […]

construction of new gas pipe

Assessment and Evaluation of Wetland Areas Near Pipeline System Improvement Projects

Wetland Assessments, Delineation, and Permitting Client: Confidential Client | Location: Northern Illinois Weaver Consultants Group […]

vetri 1

Illinois Medical District Vertiport Civil Engineering and Design

Civil Engineering, Phase I and II ESAs, Soil Remediation, Project Surveying, and Geotechnical Engineering Client: […]

uss gary

Hazardous Waste Landfill Support Services

Design, Permitting, Construction, and Operation Client: US Steel | Location: Northern Indiana  Weaver Consultants has assisted […]

lagoon remediation

Wastewater Treatment Plant Lagoons Remediation and Closure

Closure assistance of multiple Solid Waste Management Units (SWMUs) Client: National Steel Corporation | Location: […]

former va demolition

Demolition and Remediation of the Former Chicago VA Hospital

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Removal and Remediation Activities Client: Northwestern Memorial Hospital  | Location: Chicago, […]