Landfill Sustainability: Key to Decarbonization

Various Projects – Landfills in Midwest

Landfill, Sustainability, Carbon, Solid Waste

Weaver Consultants Group (WCG) understands the major role landfills play in supporting communities to decarbonize and has assisted many clients in identifying and managing sites to continually play a positive role in mitigating climate change, supporting local economic growth, and providing social and environmental value.

WCG has assisted several landfill clients with their sustainability objectives where we:

  • Evaluated site carbon footprints and implemented sustainability plans to meet long-term carbon reduction planning goals.
  • Provided landfill gas (LFG) composition analysis to demonstrate the economic feasibility of supplying a renewable and sustainable source of energy.
  • Worked with communities and local councils to inform, educate, and achieve community support for landfills’ role in sustainability.
  • Investigated the carbon credit potential for our clients, where we evaluated the carbon credit feasibility of LFG collection and control systems.
  • Assisted in various aspects of carbon credit gap analysis and program development.
  • Coordinated planning for landfill final closure and helped demonstrate a sustainable solution, providing environmental and community value, where our ecologists and engineers provided practical support throughout the process.