Carbon Footprint Scorecard

Confidential Client – Midwest Landfill

Carbon Footprint, Sustainability, Greenhouse Gas (GHG)

Weaver Consultants Group (WCG) was called upon to assist a Midwest United States landfill in demonstrating the carbon footprint from site operations. WCG first visited the site to investigate direct and indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and evaluate the carbon reduction potential.

The carbon footprint analysis was complex as other operations were active at the site, including construction and composting. WCG used approved methodologies and the most up-to-date GHG equivalencies to assess each carbon source and reduction.

WCG developed a site-specific sustainability management plan that assessed the principal contributors to the carbon footprint, described assumptions and calculations used, and detailed target areas of improvement to reduce GHG emissions. Our experts created the carbon footprint scorecard to summarize the key findings and provide a high-level visualization of the site’s overall footprint.

The carbon footprint scorecard is designed to be completely site and operation specific to fit unique requirements. WCG worked with the client to analyze sustainability data and develop reporting mechanisms that align with the organization’s goals.