Implementing Innovative Systems – Aiding in Site Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability

Sligo Systems Controls and Pumping Systems – Nationwide

Remote Data Capture and Visualization for Compliance and System Operations

Weaver Consultants Group (WCG), and our partner company, Sligo Systems, have technical expertise in system development and planning that increase project efficiency and sustainability of operations. Our experts specialize in custom-built leachate and gas condensate pumping systems and controls and have become one of the most innovative suppliers to the solid waste industry. The pumping systems and controls improve site environmental sustainability through vital monitoring, efficiency, and cost savings. The advanced design has improved durability, reduced maintenance, and provides simplicity and reliability.

The pumping systems have been installed at several project locations and helped facilities maximize efficiency, implementing advanced technology and control strategies that increase productivity and efficiency. The technology allows for control panels to be upgraded with no additional hardware installation, providing flexibility for system operations and future expansions. This makes the system easily customizable to scale up or down based on unique project needs while reducing production costs and emissions. The infinitely field-upgradable control panels are compatible with existing equipment, contributing to sustainable site management and improved operation strategies.

The system has visual monitoring that can be displayed across a multitude of devices and accessed remotely, eliminating the need for physical surveillance and reducing travel emissions. Users are provided with real-time data for reliability that assists in making more informed decisions that lead to interventions preventing failures. The remote reporting alerts operators to act before problems escalate. WCG systems have an easily accessible portal that includes historical and current data, verifying compliance and optimizing system operations. The systems help to increase productivity, reduce emissions across project stages, and help provide the metrics to simplify compliance and enable facilities to work more sustainably, increasing efficiency and saving money.

WCG provides innovative solutions, plans, and strategies that address complex problems with sustainable and highly effective results that meet client goals. The remote capture control and pumping systems create unique, adaptable systems that reduce maintenance, increase durability, simplify compliance, and reduce operating costs. Our experts have implemented customized systems that improved site management, which enabled sites to run efficiently and safely while cultivating aspects of environmental sustainability and improving efficiency.