Company Overview

Founded in 1991, Weaver Consultants Group has grown to a team of approximately 400 engineers, designers, environmental scientists, surveyors, project managers, and more. Our depth of knowledge and breadth of projects allows us to work across the country and provide an effective project design and execution.

Our Core Values

We hold ourselves to the highest levels of communication, project management, and talent, always striving to do our best.
We nurture our client relationships with an owner’s level care, keeping projects on time and on budget with outstanding support.
We ensure every step of every project protects the security and well-being of everyone involved.
We choose projects based on merit, not profit, ensuring that everything we do benefits long term prosperity for both us and our clients.
We strive for a working environment that inspires innovation, collaboration, engagement, and personal fulfillment.
We invest in our employees’ personal and professional development, empowering them to learn, grow, and reach their maximum potential.

What We Offer Our Clients

Our in-house experts can consult and assist on a wide variety of engineering projects and problems. We can help you with:

Unburden yourself from forecasting, modeling, and plan submittal so you can focus on what you do best
Work with experts to solve your most complex issues in waste management and more
Find trusted advisors and expert witness testimony for your legal situation
Access the technology and expertise necessary to help avoid common problems and save money
Our national network of industry professionals can flex to your specific project needs
We employ subject matter experts in countless niche specialties, providing informed answers to your questions
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What We Offer Our Employees

When you work with Weaver, you will experience:

Keep your career moving forward by working alongside industry experts
Get involved in our entire project life cycle, avoiding pigeonholing while learning new disciplines
Due to our holistic project approach, cross-collaboration and teamwork are woven into the very fiber of our business
We never rest on our laurels, and your talents will directly contribute to wide-spread growth and development
We don’t let hard work go unnoticed, and offer financial and creative bonuses for performance excellence
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Our Locations

Weaver works where you are, with an extended network of experts across the country.

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