Remediation Services

Weaver Consultants Group’s remediation professionals are nationally known as industry leaders in the development of unique and innovative solutions to environmental challenges. Weaver’s remediation service team is a culmination of experienced hydrogeologists, microbiologists, chemists, and engineers focused on the design and implementation of remediation programs for metals, petroleum, and chlorinated hydrocarbons in complex geological environments. We pride ourselves on developing innovative, cost effective, and strategic business focused solutions to address environmental liabilities. We partner with our clients and develop innovative solutions towards achieving goals that meet expectations both feasibly and economically while addressing the protection of human health and the environment. 


Our remediation professionals provide turnkey services from feasibility assessment, remedial design, fabrication, construction, implementation, and operation and maintenance (O&M). Our team of experts provide turnkey field implementation services for remediation of impacted soils and groundwater through in-situ and ex-situ remedial actions. Some of our core competencies include design and implementation of the following remedial technologies: 

  • Anaerobic and aerobic bio-enhancing remediation (both in-situ and ex-situ)
  • Soil vapor extraction (SVE)
  • Sub-slab depressurization (SSD) 
  • Air sparge/bio sparge (AS/BS) 
  • Multi-phase extraction (MPE) 
  • Groundwater recovery, treatment, and re-injection
  • Free product (LNAPL/ DNAPL) extraction and separation 
  • In-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO)
  • Enhanced reductive dechlorination (ERD) 
  • Air stripping, granular activated carbon adsorption
  • Soil excavation, land farming, and sediment separation


Our team also specializes in the evaluation, operation, maintenance, monitoring and optimization services for a variety of legacy groundwater extraction and treatment systems, total fluids extraction (TFE) systems, SVE systems, and SSD systems at project sites across the U.S. 


Weaver Consultants Group’s water treatment professionals bring clients over 30 years of industry experience directing, managing, designing, constructing, and operating wastewater and remediation programs for a wide range of projects. 

Weaver Consultants Group offers a wide variety of wastewater treatment services including:

  • Leachate, wastewater, and groundwater treatment
  • Treatment system design / construction / O&M 
  • Design and construction of specialized remote system monitoring and critical alarm response programs