Solid Waste Services

From design to engineering and permitting assistance, no other privately-held engineering firm offers a more comprehensive range of services to the Solid Waste industry than our diverse team of subject matter experts.

We provide a variety of services including but not limited to:


Weaver Consultants Group has extensive experience with the complex and technical efforts required to site and permit landfills, including geologic and groundwater characterization studies, wetlands delineation, endangered species evaluation, and surface water assessments.

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Weaver Consultants Group has expertise with all aspects of solid and hazardous waste landfill design and regulations associated with proposed, new, and existing public and private landfills across the nation. This experience includes detailed site assessment, preliminary site development, landfill design, construction, and permitting.

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Construction Quality Assurance Services

Construction Quality Assurance Services is a vital component of our engineering services. An environmental containment facility is expensive to construct and doing so effectively can mitigate unintended environmental impacts and operational costs.

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Operations Support & Site Planning

Assisting you with detailed planning efforts is one of our specialties. Whether you need help with fill plans, financial assurance, personnel training, or more, we’re here to assist in both short-term and long-term planning, giving you the tools to run your site with confidence.

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Monitoring and Compliance

Our services include NSPS compliance, GCCS oversight, groundwater and surface water monitoring, and environmental monitoring plans, helping you navigate permit conditions and regulatory mazes with the foresight and efficiency that comes with proven experience.

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Odor Control

We provide fully integrated solutions to help eliminate odor causing compounds associated with solid waste handling, leachate treatment, and other industrial operations. From custom-engineered delivery systems to proprietary chemical compounds, we assist clients with solving complex odor challenges.

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We understand the importance of integrating sustainability and climate resiliency into our solid waste services. Our team can assess aspects of your project and operations to find carbon and sustainability benefits.

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