Finding Value and Climate Benefit in Organic Waste Solutions

County Operated Facilities – Composting Sites in Colorado

Organics, Sustainability, Carbon, Composting

Weaver Consultants Group (WCG) has utilized its technical knowledge in organic waste solutions by assisting various Colorado composting sites in designing, permitting, and constructing organic waste management infrastructure. Our experts have developed solutions that reflect climate reduction goals and have helped clients find value in achieving a circular economy solution.

WCG prepared the conceptual design and permit drawings for the various composting facilities located at landfills and designed them to be situated on a closed portion of the landfill. The development allowed the landfill to utilize space and economically diversify to accept new feedstocks.

The sites were designated as Class 3 facilities, which is the most complex design and permitting process, as the sites wanted to accept biosolids and food waste in addition to more traditional feedstocks. WCG prepared the facility’s Engineering Design and Operations Plan and successfully submitted it to the state for permitting and approval. The submittal also included a Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) Plan. WCG designed the facility to include a 6-inch low permeability clay liner, mixing pits, and stormwater ponds to hold the 25-year, 24-hour event.

Our services have helped our clients integrate sustainability and decarbonization within their long-term solid waste planning for organic waste.