Solid Waste Projects

odor control

Odor Control Plan to Meet State EPA Approval

Odor Control Plan Requirements, Reporting, and Record Keeping Client: Confidential Client | Location: Texas  This project […]

Hydrogeologic Investigation

Landfill Expansion Requiring Siting Restriction Studies, Hydrogeologic Investigation, and Landfill Design

Wetland Delineation, Cultural Investigation, Wildlife Evaluation, and Hydrogeologic Investigation Client: City of Columbia | Location: […]


Regulatory Closure and Associated Permitting Related to the Closure of a CCDD Facility

Clean Construction and Demolition Debris (CCDD) Site Permitting, Regulatory Compliance, and Closure Client: Tracy, Johnson […]


Wetland Mitigation to Support Landfill Expansion Permit Application

Wetland and Stream Mitigation Design, Permitting, and Implementation Client: Confidential Client | Location: Midwest Region […]


Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) for a 15-Acre Single Composite Cell and 22-Acre Double Composite Cell

CQA for Soils Testing, Geosynthetics Testing, Review of MQC/MQA Testing, and Field Documentation of Geomembrane […]


Vertical Expansion at a Sanitary Landfill

Design, Permitting, and Construction Oversight of Synthetic Turf Final Cover Client: Confidential Client | Location: […]

Air Permit

Air Permit for an Oil and Gas Waste Processing Facility

National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) Compliance  Client: Southcross Energy | Location: Bee County, Texas  Weaver […]

disposal facility

Permitting for Oil and Gas Waste Treatment and Disposal Facility

New Source Review (NSR) Permitting Client: Confidential Client | Location: Texas  Weaver Consultants Group’s (WCG) […]

lfgte facility

Air Permitting for Landfill Gas-To-Energy (LFGTE) Facilities

State Specific Permitting Requirements  Client: Confidential Client | Location: Texas, Oklahoma, Lousiana, and Kansas  Weaver […]