Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) for a 15-Acre Single Composite Cell and 22-Acre Double Composite Cell

CQA for Soils Testing, Geosynthetics Testing, Review of MQC/MQA Testing, and Field Documentation of Geomembrane Testing

Client: Pine Tree Acres, Inc. | Location: Michigan 

Weaver Consultants Group was hired by a client to perform CQA activities in accordance with approved permit, site specific CQA plan, and state regulatory requirements.  Soils CQA tasks included the verification of Natural Soil Barrier (NSB) layer, placement of structural fill, and cohesive soil liner (CSL).  Geosynthetics CQA tasks included oversight of MQC/3rd party testing, inventory of over 7.7 million square feet of geosynthetics, and also included the field testing and documentation of each material (including 2.5 million square feet of 60-mil HDPE geomembrane).  WCG also performed observation and testing of the leachate collection system of each cell.

The project resulted in oversight for testing and inventory of over 2,200 rolls of geosynthetics. WCG partnered with the client and contractor to ensure the project remained on schedule.  CQA documentation reports approved by The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) with zero comments.