Landfill Expansion Requiring Siting Restriction Studies, Hydrogeologic Investigation, and Landfill Design

Wetland Delineation, Cultural Investigation, Wildlife Evaluation, and Hydrogeologic Investigation

Client: City of Columbia | Location: Missouri 

Weaver Consultants Group (WCG), in coordination with the U.S. Army Corps Engineers (USACE), completed a wetland delineation for a client that was planning a landfill expansion. Two final cut lakes in the center of the expansion area present design challenges to the proposed expansion. WCG completed a historical survey and obtained approval from the State Historic Preservation Officers (SHPO). WCG then conducted a geologic and hydrogeologic investigation that required 75 borings of which half were advanced into the deeper bedrock water bearing unit. Communication with the client during changes to the exploration and testing program were key, after additional borings and deeper borings were required for the hydrogeologic investigation. A Packer Test was performed on the borings to identify a geologic buffer layer. The shallow and deep piezometers were slug tested for aquifer characterization. 

WCG developed a field method that would be sensitive enough to calculate the low permeability required for a geologic buffer after the industry standard flow meters were determined to not be sensitive enough for the project criteria.