Wetland’s Role in Decarbonization and Sustainability

Wetland Mitigation Project- Oklahoma City

Sustainability improvements of a wetland and riparian area

Weaver Consultants Group (WCG) is highly skilled in wetland delineation, restoration, creation, and mitigation. We can optimize wetland and habitat design and construction so that projects integrate solutions that are beneficial in achieving sustainability objectives. Our experts can assess and evaluate how the project provides a nature-based decarbonization solution, aids in water quality improvement, and can demonstrate how the project aligns with economic, environmental, and social sustainability goals.

WCG assessed the property surrounding an existing solid waste landfill for environmental sustainability improvements. The surrounding property included an existing wetland comprised of typical riparian vegetation, but the creek needed relocating to allow for site expansion. WCG conducted site investigations to evaluate potential sustainability solutions to mitigate and enhance the area, promoting ecological uplift with long-term sustainability benefits. The design aimed to improve biodiversity and water quality, provide critical community service provision through reducing flood risk, and improve the resiliency of the natural vegetation, wetland, and riparian areas to climate change and flooding. Our team designed drawings and established a strategy to implement sustainability enhancements. Improvements included relocating the creek and wetland and enhancing the riparian area. The team designed a planting plan for buffer planting of native species, plus interim and permanent vegetation, including upland trees and colonizing shrubs. The final development will include a walking trail, improved channel hydraulics, and ten more years of solid waste disposal capacity for the local area. Once the landfill is closed, the site will be designed for public recreation.

WCG provided site enhancements with environmental and community benefits. Our experts developed improvements that lowered flood risk and provided recreational amenities for the community.

Our scientists and ecologists hold the expertise to approach projects with a view to enhancing natural carbon sequestration and offsetting potential, improving biodiversity and ecological uplift, and increasing flood resiliency. WCG understands how vital wetlands and riparian areas are to mitigate and adapt to climate change.