Industrial Property Development Support

Phase I ESA, UST Removals, and Site Remediation Program

Client: Panattoni | Location: Chicago, Illinois

Weaver Consultants Group was engaged to conduct a Phase I ESA and subsurface soil and groundwater investigation on a property with four parcels, estimated at 15.5 acres. The property includes a 100,000-sf facility previously used for steel manufacturing, various industrial operations, trucking and warehousing. The building underwent asbestos inspection and abatement, lead inspection, concrete floor slab cleaning for reuse, and lastly demolition.

The client constructed a 160,000-sf commercial warehouse and distribution building. The investigation revealed the presence of four 12,000-gallon underground storage tanks and subsurface impacts. Weaver Consultants Group also performed X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) screening, provided oversight during soil remediation activities, and provided consulting and soil testing services during the removal of the USTs. 

Project challenges included identified subsurface soil and groundwater impacts, reliance on engineered barriers, offsite notification, or other deed restrictions to obtain a No Further Remediation Letter at the newly redeveloped property was not an option for our client. Using a combination of targeted “Hot Spot” removal, Tier 2 Fate and Transport theoretical modeling, and site-specific contaminant averaging, concentrations of subsurface impacts were below Tier 1 remediation objectives.