Demolition and Remediation of the Former Chicago VA Hospital

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Removal and Remediation Activities

Client: Northwestern Memorial Hospital  | Location: Chicago, Illinois

Weaver Consultants Group collaborated with Northwestern Memorial Hospital (NMH) and Power Jacobs in the demolition and remediation of the former VA Hospital in downtown Chicago. NMH enrolled the property into the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) Site Remediation Program (SRP) in an effort to secure a Comprehensive No Further Remediation (NFR) Letter. As part of this effort, remediation activities were completed including the removal of four 20,000-gallon, one 1,000-gallon USTs, as well as two 50,000-gallon underground vaults. Weaver Consultants Group also assisted the Contractor with the preparation of a Bid Document Package for the UST removal and remediation activities. In conjunction with the UST removal activities, Weaver Consultants Group performed free product recovery through Hot Spot Removal and Hi-Vac Extraction. Additionally, Weaver Consultants Group assisted the Contractor in securing the necessary city permits to install steel sheeting to provide stabilization during excavation efforts. To secure the Comprehensive NFR Letter, select risk-based remedial strategies were implemented in accordance with IEPA regulations. These strategies included remedial action as described above as well as a Tier 3 Risk Assessment to assess the excess cancer risks associated with the placement of an alternative engineered barrier on the property. In September of 2010, the IEPA Site Remediation Program issued a Comprehensive NFR Letter for the property.

Further, Weaver Consultants Group assisted Power Jacobs with the implementation of demolition activities to mitigate costs by “balancing” the demolition debris generated at the property against the areas excavated as part of remediation efforts. We also worked with the Contractor to develop a final grading plan that was appropriate for use as an engineered barrier for the property as well as to provide proper drainage and compaction for future site use.