Asbestos Inspection Throughout an Occupied Hospital

Visual Inspection, Material Collection, and Historical Documentation Review

Client: The University of Chicago Medicine | Location: Chicago, Illinois  

Weaver Consultants Group was retained by The University of Chicago Medicine to conduct a comprehensive asbestos inspection throughout an occupied hospital located in Chicago, Illinois. The facility is comprised of seven occupied floors consisting of approximately 225,000 sf. The inspection included the review of available historical asbestos related documentation and building construction documents, followed by a visual inspection of interior building areas to identify accessible, suspect asbestos  containing  materials  and  subsequent  collection  of  representative  samples  from  each suspect material. 

The inspection included various suspect asbestos containing building materials such as thermal system insulation, flooring products, ceiling tiles, caulking, spray‐applied fireproofing, and drywall joint compound. An asbestos containing material survey summary report was created that specified asbestos material locations and quantities, as well as indicated asbestos containing material locations on AutoCAD drawings.

Project challenges included scheduling and working within an active hospital. The collection of bulk suspect  asbestos  containing materials  was  coordinated to  occur  in  non‐occupied locations  and predominantly during non-peak hours.