Environmental Services to Support Dock Facility Expansion Along the Illinois River

Wetland Delineation, Threatened and Endangered Species and Habitat Assessment

Client: Confidential Client | Location: Hennepin, Illinois 

Weaver Consultants Environmental Practice Group conducted a Wetland Delineation of a 16-acre riparian, forested property along the Illinois River in Hennepin, Illinois. The client wishes to expand their dock facilities along the Illinois River and construct two access roads from an existing roadway to this proposed dock. in doing so, the client would need to clear the entire property of trees and regrade the slope. Weaver also completed a T&E Species review and consulted with the Illinois EPA to ascertain potential impacts to species of concern. 

Weaver was able to work with the IEPA to receive a Letter of No Impacts to T&E species for the client. The client will now be able to construct their required dock without additional permitting or restrictions due to Threatened and Endangered Species.