Environmental Land Surveying Services in Conjunction with Reclamation of Wild Mile Chicago

3-Dimensional Modeling, Aerial Photography, Historical Image Overlays, and Site Land Surveying Services

Client: National Solid Waste Client | Location: Chicago, Illinois

Weaver Consultants Group (WCG) was called on by a national solid waste client to work with design professionals and the City of Chicago on the reclamation of the North Branch Canal and Turning Basin, referred to as Wild Mile Chicago. Wild Mile Chicago is the first-ever mile-long floating eco-park in the world and is adjacent to a nearby waste transfer facility located near the North Branch of the Chicago River.

WCG’s services included:

  • Surveying and re-establishing long-lost boundary lines, which were required for site development
  • Providing 3-Dimensional site modeling, utilizing terrestrial and aerial LiDAR technologies
  • Providing aerial imagery of the site, performed by WCG’s trained and licensed drone pilots, for use in architectural renderings in conceptualization
  • Providing historical image overlays used to understand subterranean foundations and structures, which will need to be accounted for in the reclamation project