Vertical Expansion at a Sanitary Landfill

Design, Permitting, and Construction Oversight of Synthetic Turf Final Cover

Client: Confidential Client | Location: Missouri

Weaver Consultants Group assisted a sanitary landfill located within a seismic impact zone with onsite soils being highly erosive containing very low nutrient content. Due to the conditions, the owner was interested in applying an alternative final cover system which would be the first application of synthetic turf final cover in the State of Missouri. WCG completed a vertical expansion which included a seismic stability analysis, revisions to the final cover system, gas system redesign, storm water redesign, updated QA/QC plan, closure/post-closure plan, and operations plan. WCG also completed air construction and operating permits, flare testing and NSPS XXX Gas Collection and Control System Design Plans. Upon receiving approvals from the Missouri Department of National Resources (MDNR), in 2020 WCG developed construction documents for the initial phase of closure followed by construction oversight of the initial closure event. The initial closure event has resulted in improved water quality from the closure drainage area and enhanced landfill gas collection activities.

This final cover system resulted in an aesthetically pleasing cover immediately after installation. Additionally, the synthetic turf has eliminated soil erosion improving water quality monitored at the NPDES discharge location.