Landfill Engineering and Design

Weaver Consultants Group engineers continue to be at the forefront of comprehensive landfill engineering and design practices by managing and developing solutions for a diverse range of challenging projects. Starting with the conceptual design phase, our engineers are experienced in all aspects of landfill design to meet site-specific needs. Our construction experience allows us to engineer custom solutions that are technically appropriate, constructible, and cost-effective. Landfill engineering and design services provided by Weaver Consultants Group are listed below.

  • Construction Plans, Technical Specifications, and Bid Documents.  Weaver Consultants Group engineers are experienced in developing construction plans, technical specifications, and bid documents for waste disposal and processing units, entrance facilities, citizen convenience centers, and composting facilities as part of landfill site development. Additionally, Weaver Consultants Group provides surveying, construction management, and construction quality assurance services to complete the entire project from the conceptual phase through construction.
  • Waste Containment Systems.  Weaver Consultants Group engineers are experienced in designing waste containment systems for landfills with site-specific considerations to airspace/site life, soil balance, and applicable location restriction regulatory requirements.
  • Leachate Collection and Storage Systems.  Weaver Consultants Group engineers have utilized site-specific climate data and waste containment system design information to estimate leachate generation rates, which are used for the design phase. Leachate collection and storage systems designed by Weaver Consultants Group engineers exceed applicable regulatory requirements and design standards.
  • Overliner/Piggyback Liner Systems.  Weaver Consultants Group engineers understand our client’s needs for maximizing disposal capacity at each site, which many times leads to vertical expansions over existing pre-Subtitle waste fill areas.  Weaver Consultants Group engineers are experienced in the design of separatory overliner (or “piggyback”) systems with special considerations to waste settlement and leachate collection. Weaver Consultants Group engineers have developed state-of-the-art practices for overliner design demonstrations.
  • Surface Water Drainage.  Weaver Consultants Group is well-versed in developing site-specific and regional surface water drainage plans for landfills and solid waste processing facilities. Drainage systems designated for these facilities often include series of ponds and channels that integrate into the existing local drainage infrastructure and minimize impacts to adjacent properties. Weaver Consultants Group engineers also prepare Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans for construction and industrial activities that comply with State and National stormwater quality regulations.
  • Alternative Liner/Final Cover Systems.  Weaver Consultants Group engineers understand the client’s needs for site-specific design of alternative liner and final cover systems. Weaver Consultants Group engineers have developed Industry-standard practices for alternative liner and final cover design demonstrations.
  • Dewatering Systems.  The applicable regulatory requirements may allow landfill design and construction below observed groundwater, provided that a dewatering system is installed. Weaver Consultants Group engineers are experienced in designing dewatering systems and determining ballast requirements to offset potential hydrostatic uplift forces on the base of the waste containment system.
  • Access Roads.  Weaver Consultants Group engineers are experienced in performing traffic analyses to evaluate the potential impacts of proposed site development on local transportation systems. Additionally, Weaver Consultants Group engineers develop landfill internal roadway systems to meet short term and long-term traffic needs for proposed site development.
  • Uptown Redevelopment

    Weaver Consultants Group assisted a client with technical aspects of preparing urban land for redevelopment that included the following integrated services: environmental consulting, geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing, and land surveying.  On behalf of the developer, Weaver Consultants Group...