Construction Materials Testing

Weaver Consultants Group offers construction materials testing (CMT) and inspection services including state-certified laboratories located in Griffith and South Bend, Indiana. What sets us apart is our effort to understand our clients' needs, and our intent to provide a sensible scope of testing.

We provide CMT services with the same focus as our other engineering services - attentive and responsive customer service coupled with qualified and experienced engineering. We employ experienced field technicians that understand our clients' needs. Our role is to help contractors do their jobs right the first time - not just to point out problems after the fact. Our approach offers greater value to our clients and often saves time, money, and headaches.

Among our Constructions Materials Testing Services are:

Soils and Foundations

  • Construction Field Quality Control Testing of Footings, Piles, Caissons, & Engineered Fill
  • Nuclear Density Moisture Testing
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Bearing Capacity
  • Compaction & Moisture Testing
  • Atterberg Limits (Liquid & Plastic)
  • Bearing Ratio of Lab-Compacted Soils
  • Cohesive Soils, Failure Stress at Max Strain
  • Triaxial, Falling head, and Constant Head Permeability Testing
  • Particle Size Analysis of Soils
  • Specific Gravity of Soils
  • Unconfined Compressive Strength of Soil
  • One-Dimensional Consolidation Testing
  • Moisture, Ash, and Organic Content
  • Visual Classification
  • Direct Sheer Testing of Soils


  • Course Aggregate Sieve Analysis
  • Fine Aggregate Sieve Analysis
  • Sulfate Soundness Test on Aggregate
  • Unit Weight/Specific Gravity
  • Compression Tests Natural Stone
  • Clay lumps & Friable Particles
  • Deleterious Materials (Various)


  • Construction Field Quality Control Testing/Observation
  • Batch Plant Inspections
  • Non-Destructive Testing/Evaluation
  • Reinforcement Placement Inspection
  • Post-Tension Tendon Placement Inspection/Testing
  • Pre-Stressed Precast Inspection
  • Mix Design/Review
  • Contractor Quality Control Procedure Reviews
  • Compressive/Flexural Strength Testing
  • Floor Flatness and Levelness Testing
  • Lab Testing of Aggregate for Mix Designs
  • Air Content
  • Concrete Slump
  • Flowable Fill (CLSM)
  • Flexural Strength
  • Concrete Floor Flatness Testing
  • Unit Weight/Light Weight


  • Construction Field Quality Control Testing/Inspection
  • Compressive Strength Testing of Mortar Cubes/Grout Samples/Masonry Prism
  • Mortar Mix Design Review
  • Reinforcement Installation Inspection
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Brick Moisture, Absorption Test
  • Brick Comparison Test
  • CMU Moisture, Absorption, Weight, and Compression Tests


  • Construction Field Quality Control Testing/Observation
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Marshall Test (Stability, Flow, Density)
  • Asphalt Extraction and Gradation
  • Bulk Specific Gravity
  • Maximum Specific Gravity
  • Batch Plant Inspection
  • Air Voids
  • VMA (Voids, Minerals, Aggregate)

Other Construction Materials Testing Services

  • Spray On Fireproofing Observation
  • Curtain Wall Observation / Testing
  • Thickness, Density & Bond Strength Testing
  • Field Thickness Measurements
  • Adhesion/Cohesion
  • Density
  • Ash Content