Weaver Consultants Group can integrate sustainability as a core component of your business operations and strategy. Our experts can assess all aspects of your project to find carbon and sustainability benefits within project planning, design, construction, and operations.

We can work with you to analyze sustainability data, develop reporting mechanisms, design and deliver long-term sustainability plans, and help strategically align sustainability goals into the organization.

Our experts can assist with planning and feasibility studies to evaluate potential carbon reductions and assess carbon offsetting opportunities, including developing carbon credit projects.

Our sustainability services include:

Carbon Footprint Scorecards

  • Evaluating direct and indirect GHG emissions
  • Assessing baseline emissions
  • Demonstrating carbon reductions from new and existing operations

Sustainability Scorecards

  • Integrating sustainability metrics unique to your site, project, or company requirements
  • Developing reporting mechanisms that help to track sustainability progress and identify cost and efficiency opportunities

Carbon Reduction Plans

  • Developing carbon reduction strategies to meet goals
  • Evaluating Scope 1, 2, and 3 carbon emissions for reporting and assessing potential actions that can help you to achieve carbon reductions

Carbon Credit Feasibility

  • Conducting gap analysis to identify project feasibility
  • Assisting in various aspects of carbon credit program development

Sustainability Action Plans

  • Evaluating facilities and operations for sustainability improvements
  • Designing sustainability objectives and roadmaps to achieve overall goals
  • Providing strategic planning for sustainability integration

Zero Waste/Circular Economy Audits

  • Identifying cost efficiencies from implementing zero waste/circular economy practices
  • Developing zero waste/circular economy roadmap to demonstrate milestones for achieving overall sustainability objectives

Solid Waste Management Planning

  • Integrating long-term sustainability into solid waste management planning solutions
  • Identifying solid waste options that enable climate resiliency and aid in overall carbon reduction goals