Weaver Consultants Group has extensive expertise with groundwater and landfill gas remediation.  Weaver Consultants Group partners with our clients to efficiently develop and implement corrective action programs.  Weaver Consultants Group offers a wide variety of remediation services including:

  • Assessment of Corrective Measures
  • Remedy Selection
  • Gas Remediation Plans
  • Public Meeting Remedy and Corrective Action Presentations
  • Remediation System Design / Construction / O&M
  • Groundwater Monitoring  to Measure the Corrective Action Effectiveness
  • Corrective Action Reporting
  • Completion of Remedy Certifications
  • Uptown Redevelopment

    Weaver Consultants Group assisted a client with technical aspects of preparing urban land for redevelopment that included the following integrated services: environmental consulting, geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing, and land surveying.  On behalf of the developer, Weaver Consultants Group...