Air Quality Services

WCG has extensive experience in air quality compliance and permitting for landfills and other sources.  Our Air Quality Services Group provides the following services to our clients.

Air Permitting

WCG understands solid waste facilities and as such is uniquely qualified to assist the solid waste industry with all aspects of air quality permitting.  We know that the basis for ongoing compliance starts with a logical air permit that accurately represents the needs of the site and provides for the flexibility needed at solid waste sites.  Given rule complexities and the new Greenhouse Gas rules, we start each permitting project with a permitting strategy so that the permits not only provide for current needs but also plan for the future.  Our permitting services include the following:

  • Permitting rule applicability
  • Current permit evaluations
  • Permitting planning and strategy
  • Permit reviews
  • NSR permits
  • PSD permits
  • Construction air permits
  • Title V operating permits
  • Minor and significant permit modifications

We have experience permitting all types of emission sources commonly found at solid waste facilities including:

  • Landfills
  • Transfer stations
  • Flares
  • Engines
  • Turbines
  • Paint operations
  • Tub grinders
  • Solidification basins
  • Bio-remediation pads
  • Parts washers
  • Storage tanks
  • Roads
  • Construction activity

Air Compliance

Compliance with the many air quality rules and permits can be very confusing and overwhelming.  However, given WCG’s extensive experience with EPA and state rules, we can guide, provide, and assist a site will all aspects of air compliance.  Our compliance services include the following: 

  • Annual Emission Inventories
  • Greenhouse Gas calculations and reporting
  • Deviation and Compliance reporting
  • New Source Performance Standards
  • National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants
  • NMOC testing and reporting
  • Site inspection assistance
  • Start-up, Shutdown, and Malfunction Plans and Reporting
  • Landfill gas and emission generation modeling

The following is a list of some of the federal air rules with which we typically work:

  • NSPS Subpart WWW/EG
  • NSPS Subpart IIII
  • NSPS Subpart JJJJ
  • NESHAP Subpart AAAA
  • NESHAP Subpart ZZZZ
  • Federal Operating Permits
  • PSD/NSR Permits

Rule Development and Tracking

WCG continually monitors federal and state regulatory agencies to stay on top of any proposed solid waste or air quality requirements that could potentially impact our clients.  WCG personnel are involved in the rule-making process by reviewing draft regulations and offering review comments to the agency bodies.  By being involved, we are able to quickly keep our clients informed and up to date on rule development and the implications on site operation.
WCG has been actively involved with rule development for the following federal rules:

  • NSPS Subpart WWW
  • NSPS Subpart IIII
  • NSPS Subpart JJJJ
  • NESHAP Subpart AAAA
  • NESHAP Subpart ZZZZ
  • AP-42 Emissions Factor
  • GHG Tailoring
  • GHG Mandatory Reporting