Site Specific Remediation

Weaver Consultants Group is fortunate to have in its firm key personnel who are involved in conducting remedial assessments, monitoring, and corrective action measures at large and small sites across a multi-state area.  When addressing our client’s projects, Weaver Consultants Group works within the framework of the applicable State or Federal programs while attempting to seek as much flexibility as possible.  Our goal is to develop a realistic approach to remediation which takes our client’s needs and future plans for the site into consideration while ensuring the protection of human health and the environment.  To meet our goals, Weaver Consultants Group offers the following services:

  • Remediation Feasibility and Alternatives Studies
  • Assistance With Voluntary State Clean-up Programs
  • Bench Scale Testing and Pilot Studies
  • Remediation System Design / Construction / O&M
  • Groundwater Monitoring
  • Risk-Based Corrective Action Plans
  • Underground Storage Tank Removal / Closure Oversight
  • Risk Assessment

If you would like to procure our services for any of these items, or would like to inquire about a similar type of project, please do not hesitate to fill out the contact form for further information.