Additional Environmental Services

Weaver Consultants Group is also prepared to assist you in any number of other environmental services, including but not limited to:

  • Brownfield Redevelopment
  • Storm Water Management
  • Development of Commercial & Industrial Properties
  • Pollution Control & Treatment Systems
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Hydrogeologic Investigations
  • Groundwater Impact Assessments
  • Wetland and Floodplain Identification, Delineation, Mitigation & Permitting
  • Endangered Species Survey
  • Habitat Restoration
  • Wellhead Protection Plans
  • Indoor Air Quality Studies
  • Asbestos Inspection & Sampling
  • Voluntary Site Cleanups
  • UST & AST Inspections; SPCC Plans; Tank Removal Services
  • Multi-media Compliance Audits
  • Environmental Insurance Review & Underwriting Support
  • Failure & Claims Investigation
  • Litigation Support / Expert Witness Testimony
  • Grant Application Writing

If you would like to procure our services for any of these items, or would like to inquire about another type of project, please do not hesitate to fill out the contact form for further information.

  • Uptown Redevelopment

    Weaver Consultants Group assisted a client with technical aspects of preparing urban land for redevelopment that included the following integrated services: environmental consulting, geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing, and land surveying.  On behalf of the developer, Weaver Consultants Group...