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Wells Street Flats LLC

Weaver Consultants Group, partnered with Northwestern Mutual Life (NML) and Hines Interests (Hines), was critical in facilitating redevelopment of the former Grossinger Autoplex, among many uses, in Chicago’s historic Old Town neighborhood.  Because the site formerly housed laundry facilities, a chemical factory, and printing/lithography facilities over various periods of time, this site symbolizes the quintessential Chicago redevelopment project.  Weaver Consultants Group investigated the potential for operation-specific impacts associated with each of these facilities formerly housed across the Property.  Prior to demolition and development, consultants that performed initial environmental due diligence for Hines proposed a remediation plan that included the excavation and offsite disposal of large volumes of contaminated soil.  Weaver Consultants Group performed due diligence assessments as part of NML’s acquisition of the property, and following, differed with the consultant’s approach regarding redevelopment activities at the site.  Weaver Consultants Group developed an innovative remedial strategy utilizing state regulations and voluntary clean-up programs and to address requirements of NML and other parties, consequently, Weaver Consultants Group enrolled the property in the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency’s (IEPA) Site Remediation Program (SRP) to secure a No Further Remediation Letter.

It was critical that site investigation activities be implemented concurrently with an aggressive site development and construction schedule, in which an NFR Letter needed to be obtained prior to tenant occupancy.  TACO regulations and the SRP allowed impacted soils to remain on-site, if used in a manner that would be protective to human health and the environment.  Weaver Consultants Group completed site investigation activities, “Hot Spot” removal efforts, monitoring well installation, and upper confidence limit averaging as a means to rely on solely on engineered barriers and the City of Chicago Groundwater Ordinance.  Weaver Consultants Group facilitated efforts to gain preliminary Agency approval, helped develop the draft No Further Remediation Letter, and defined clear objectives to ensure a Comprehensive NFR Letter could be issued upon construction completion.