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Uptown Redevelopment

Weaver Consultants Group assisted a client with technical aspects of preparing urban land for redevelopment that included the following integrated services: environmental consulting, geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing, and land surveying.  On behalf of the developer, Weaver Consultants Group secured a comprehensive NFR Letter under the residential land use scenario for the environmentally impaired properties located in the northwest suburbs.  Environmental issues were typical for properties used for automobile sales and repair.  Weaver Consultants Group utilized specialized geophysical technologies including ground-penetrating radar to identify subsurface environmental concerns. 

At the request of the client, significant soil remediation activities were conducted for the purpose of mitigating future reliance on engineered barriers and institutional controls, resulting in a more desirable property for sale.  Weaver Consultants Group assisted with geotechnical site preparation and foundation design for redevelopment.  In addition, Weaver Consultants Group conducted construction materials testing during development activities that included soil compaction testing and confirmation that soils meet footing construction requirements.  Weaver Consultants Group also conducted limited land surveying work during remediation in support of site development.