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Pardon us as we “Drone” on…

“This is Game-changing Technology.” (NASDAQ.COM)

Weaver Consultants Group was one of the first firms in the United States to be granted permission by the FAA to fly the Trimble UX5 (Drone) System.

Our field operation teams include FAA licensed and fully insured pilots. These teams are extensively trained by the manufacturer and legally comply with all FAA Commercial UAV regulations and protocols.

What does this mean to our clients?

  • A significant cost savings over most conventional aerial and ground surveys.
  • We can cover sites large and small quickly with faster deliverables in hand.
  • We can produce survey-quality digital surface model for civil design / automated machinery.
  • We can deliver near infrared and orthophoto images with resolution to 2.0 cm (.79”) and 3D photos.
  • We can model very accurate surfaces with high density point clouds of surface containing one million or more observations.

The applications are endless – topographic surveys, transportation and utility route planning, construction progress monitoring, volume calculations, disaster analysis, agricultural monitoring, the list goes on and on.

Contact The WCG Survey Group and let us assist you.

Drone on launcher
Bird's eye site view