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City of Huntsville Transfer Station

Anchor Construction has been working with the City of Huntsville on the development of a transfer station. Anchor, has not only designed a well thought out plan, but has also provided general contracting services, giving our client an enticing turnkey experience. Upon client request, Anchor has facilitated a role as the project manager at risk. This means that Anchor absorbers all of the risk when it comes down to the budget. This experience is attractive to our client because they are dealing with a hard budget meaning that the agreed bottom line will not change even if there are change orders. The daily operations for this project have included but are not limited to meetings with the client and sub-contractors alike, site inspections, and formal reporting.

The Huntsville Transfer station has been an opportunity where Anchor and Weaver were able to team up and provide the client with a unique and effective experience. Because these two practice groups were working so closely with each other, Anchor was able to execute faster, the communication to our client was better, and both groups had members that turned into trusted advisors for the client. These opportunities are vital to growing the business, and Anchor and Weaver practice groups look forward to working together again to help grow client relations.